In a regular 1-1 Net metering system, a good electric provider will recognize the opportunity to buy electricity from customers who produce solar power at the same price they are buying.

In my opinion, a good company recognizes the opportunity to sell, at the same rate, to the customers that are close to the solar plant, without incurring in electric loses.

As shown in the picture.

In a not-so-good example of a good solar supportive electric utility company, you may find a non 1 to 1 buy rate. In South Texas we only have two electric companies with such policies. One is a Public owned utility that purchases at  F&PE (Fuel & Purchased Energy charge). The other is a cooperative that buys at 60% the electric rate they have.
In such cases we recommend the use of batteries or storage units.

A supportive electric provider will buy at the same rate , up to the point of usage, thus eliminating the use of batteries.