Water Treatment

Sewage Facility Designers OSSF2 Permitting | Water Treatment Specialist WTS3 License.

At American Made Solar and Wind Technologies we are thinking of ways to innovate for you. Besides installing solar panel systems, we are now providing our customers with water alkaline systems and whole house softeners and filters.
We want our customers to stay healthy for our new 25 year relationship of solar panels!

Regular water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Alkaline water has a pH of 10-15. T
Although Alkaline water benefits are still under research , these are the listed benefits of Alkaline water as per webmd.com

Water that is more alkaline supposedly reduces acid in the bloodstream and:

Improves metabolism
Increases energy
Slows aging
Improves digestion
Reduces bone loss
Backers of high-pH water say it also has the power to starve cancer cells.

What we know for sure is that “normal” Parts Per Million of tap water are in the levels of 450ppm to 1000ppms. These are considered normal ppm levels.

Our advise is : Dont drink these levels of water suspended solids!
Bottled water levels are in the range of 50ppms . So are our water systems for drinking based on reverse osmosis.
These levels provide the following benefits:

RO removes lead from water and frees people from many diseases such as high blood pressure, nerve damage and low fertility. Drinking reverse osmosis water can also eliminate risks of brain damage and anemic conditions, especially in children. Parasites are another threat to clean and safer water.

RO systems are tested and certified for the reduction of the following contaminants:

nitrates and nitrites (hexavalent & trivalent)
cyst (cryptosporidium)
total dissolved solids (TDS)
If pure water is what you want, a reverse osmosis drinking system is what you need!
Among recent health studies some say it can help you slow the aging process, regulate your body’s pH level and prevent various chronic diseases, so why not install it?
RO systems have special filters that contain activated charcoal(carbon) which remove the chlorine before it goes into the reverse osmosis process.
Why is this important?
Although chlorine is widely used as an effective way to disinfect drinking water, researchers are concerned that it can lead to bladder, rectal and breast cancers

American Made Solar and Wind Technologies also offer the newest water softener available today. The benefits are cleaner and shiny silverware, glassware, mirrors, tiles cars etc. Even softer skin and smoother hair! What’s not to love about it?

Remember that water is the driving force of all nature and can be your best friend.



At American Made Solar we offer 6 different types of water systems as you can see in the sequence of photos. Ask and learn what type of function they have for the comfort of your home.

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Our Water Treatment
Systems Include:

  • Water system according to your needs
  • Installation
  • Flow restrictor
  • Leak Stopper
  • Drain Saddle
  • No Backwashing Needed, Low Maintenance
  • Guaranteed Chloramine, Chlorine, Taste, Odor& Color Removal
  • Protects Water Softener Resins From Chlorine & Chloramines