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At American Made Solar and Wind// Mardel Souza , we strive to be the leader of the design process of solar power plants and Wind sustainably based energy systems. For more than 15 years we have been installing and providing businesses, individuals, military and government buildings a cost saving solution and implementation of the leading solar energy technologies.
We do so by designing using top notch technology using string inverters and the leading tier one solar panels in the market.

We also provide full clean energy net zero solutions and Improvements that can be as simple as installing LED lights to reduce up to 50% of the annual energy consumption or as complete as eliminating electricity bills with the installation of solar panels systems that can provide electric energy to meet our customers’ daily needs.
Installation of water recycling systems provide an excellent choice to reduce water consumption per month and our quality turbines can take advantage of the high winds to generate electricity.
All of these technologies can be monitored through smart sensors that are tailored to improve our customers’ lifestyles.

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Our Solar Power
Systems Include:

  • Solar Panels according to your needs
  • Inverter to capture solar energy and distribute it
  • Bidirectional Meter
  • Permits granted by us.
  • Free Installation
  • Receive 26% of the system value (Federal Bond)
  • In addition a 25% in State and Local Bonds