How to chose a Solar Installer/Integrator. The first two tips

a)Any Solar Company with more than 5 Years has our respect.

Lets face it. You are not buying a television or a camera. You are entering into a 20 year relation with an installer. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 50 percent of businesses make it past five years in operation. This is critical. In South Texas, we have seen 17 companies close their doors and do terrible damages to the industry. Everything from installing panels to north, east and west , to just leave installations undone or not knowing the Utility Company policies.

b)Local Installer and number of Engineers behind the project.

Who is making the sale? What are his credentials? Is an actual Electrical Engineer Degree visiting your house to see where the panels are going to be installed?
90% of the companies will fail these questions. They want to sell as many panels as possible, pointing to east , west and north (Yes, shame on those who install panels without informing the customer its production).
Scammers are easy to spot. When the company says they will install somewhere between now and six months, you are dealing with a company that is a front and maybe even out of state. Look for a Corporation, not for an LLC. Liability is everything in a company that will offer 25 years of warranty. Ask the Installer to show you his driver license. Where is he from?