Wind Power

Renewable energy is not all about solar panels. Another great renewable source energy American Made Solar and Wind Technologies brings to you is wind energy.


Wind energy does not produce carbon dioxide or any other pollutants. The wind turbine operates with the wind, a natural source that will never run out.


They can be as tall as a 20 story building and they consist of three major mechanical components, the tower, the nacelle and the rotor, so under good wind conditions it produces farĀ  more energy than it uses.


At American Made Solar and Wind Technologies we like to think that the earth is what we all have in common and that the key to a greener planet is in your hands!

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Our Wind Power
Systems Include:

  • Wind Turbine
  • Tower
  • Nacelle
  • Rotor
  • Site Analysis
  • Permit Granted by us
  • Free Installation
  • Warranty