Commercial and Industrial Solar Energy Solutions

Everyday there is a greater number of large companies that join the renewable energy movement as they not only save large amount of money but also promote a better future and change in our society.


Commercial solar energy is a proven strategic decision that guarantees a financial return for your business. American Made Solar and Wind Technologies has known that businesses generally pay off their systems in 3-7 years enjoying free electricity for the 25-35 years of life of the system.


There are lots of great resources available today that can help evaluate whether going solar makes sense for your business. Let us help your business go green today.

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Our Solar Power
Systems Include:

  • Solar Panels according to your needs
  • Inverter to capture solar energy and distribute it
  • Bidirectional Meter
  • Permits granted by us.
  • Free Installation
  • Receive 26% of the system value (Federal Bond)
  • In addition a 25% in State and Local Bonds