Residential Solar Energy Solutions

As we know solar power is becoming the cheapest form of electricity today. That is the main reason more and more Americans in the state of Texas and all over the country are successfully switching over to solar energy for their homes.


At American Made Solar and Wind Technologies we offer you great quality, great efficiency and the best satisfaction in renewable energy systems. Residential solar has a lot of great benefits including financial returns, lower monthly utility bills and even an increased home value just like any other home upgrade.


Not only does residential energy benefit your home, it also benefits the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter.


Contact us and start planning for your homes solar energy upgrade. Our goal is to develop great residential quality green solutions for all of Texas.

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Our Solar Power
Systems Include:


  • Solar Panels according to your needs
  • Inverter to capture solar energy and distribute it
  • Bidirectional Meter
  • Permits granted by us.
  • Free Installation
  • Receive 26% of the system value (Federal Bond)
  • In addition a 25% in State and Local Bonds