Why choose a local installer.

So, you are looking for a solar company because your bills are sky high.
Suddenly , after your first google search , you will get spammed by several companies in your facebook, Instagram, twitter and google accounts and searches.

Who should you choose?

It may seem simple to go with the big companies, but that would actually be your first mistake. Bigger companies are looking to probably lease your roof and reap all the benefits for themselves. They wont analyze your home. They will suggest as many panels as they can fit in your roof. You should choose the most reliable company, who is not necessary the smaller one.

How to separate good companies from bad?

Usually a bad company wont have any engineering degrees behind the projects. They will send you sales guys that will suggest to cover your entire roof with solar panels. This is not necessary the best option for you. They wont even have a physical office near you to go and visit them. Since their main office is far away or out of state, you should probably look for a local installer.
Another bad sign is their inability to install in less than a month. A long cue is usually their excuse, but what is really going on is that they are hiring another company and looking to sell at least 5 more systems in your area to make a profit after they hire a local installer.
For more hints, give us a call!

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