A few years ago, I posted the following article about microinverters:

While microinverter companies still claim to have a better solution than string inverters, the USA is still one of the few countries that use them.
Kaco pulled out of the US market , knowing microinverters are not a good solution for rapid shutdown and power control. And believe me, Germans are practical.
While SMA (yes another German company) still prefers to add a Rapid Shut down system rather than to place any electronic equipment in the worst place possible, behind a solar panel.
In theory they remain loyal to their claim: You can monitor each single panel production by website. And its true! But a good installer knows better than install panels pointing west, east and north or doing installs that just wont work.
Sure, all companies will replace the microinverters that fail (which I have seen failure rates on the field of up to 30% in less than 5 years of usage). But they don’t disclose that the installer will charge to replace the inverter. And that’s is coming from the end user pocket.
Lets face it. The technology is still not there.
But hey, we still believe it will be there one day . And we support research.
We offer our customers no charge to replace a microinverter . BUT notice we wont recommend a microinverter system when a string inverter system can be used.
Interested in installing micro inverters? Do your homework and research how many countries besides the USA use them. You will see the impractical defeats any good theories.
I am all up for protecting our firefighters, but there are better methods of disconnecting solar arrays than micro inverters. And as for monitoring, in our company we offer guarantee of production. We dont let the customer worry about which panel produces and which one wont. Thats our job!.

Alex Pena
Desing for American Made Solar and Wind.