As both an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degree, I have two mottos.
a) I believe in God. The rest of the world can bring me data.
b) What is not measured , can’t be controlled.

So when we want to Save Energy or eliminate what we call Phantom Energy (energy that we are waste without even knowing) we have to measure what and how we are wasting it.
Technology has become so advance that it only takes minutes to start measuring and detecting energy wasted.

We can install a device at your home that will let you know how much solar produces vs how much is wasted constantly . In this case , this graph indicates the waste of how much is wasted that is always ON>
Perhaps is equipment that is always used and its necessary. But what if the kids left 5 gaming consoles connected or worse: ON ALL THE TIME.

We can also determine your expense vs your neighbors or similar houses in your neighborhood.

We can determine exactly how much energy  we generated with our solar power plant, versus how much you are using.

Comparing monthly trends.

Once we have set this up at your property, we will monitor it with the owner and set up solutions or adjustments.

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